Print on demand

Print on demand is the ability to print single copies of titles from digital files stored in a central location. It enables publishers to keep titles in print, test demand and to avoid pre-emptive shipping of only to order or low stock turn titles.  POD is now widely employed, particularly by publishers in the academic and scholarly fields, to manage their inventory and to keep deep backlist titles available.

NBNi works closely with publishers & industry partners to facilitate POD production and provide a seamless service to customers with demand for the titles set up in this way.

NBNi & Edwards Brothers
One of the most efficient points in the supply chain for POD is at the point of distribution. In this way POD integrates seamlessly into the usual order processes and carriage costs are minimised. To that end, NBNi and Edwards Brothers offer a POD service onsite in Plymouth. The facility has been up and running since September 2005 and produces both POD titles and short runs for a selection of NBNi publishers.

Edwards Brothers has been an industry-leading manufacturer of books and journals in the USA for over a century. As such they are acutely aware of the needs of their customers and when technological advances indicated that the publishing market would benefit from the flexibility offered by shorter runs, they expanded into digital and short-run printing.

Because EB is established in both the UK and the US, they can be used as a provider of POD stock in the US as well as in the UK. The fine details of this process depend upon the publishers’ US distribution arrangements, but EB are already successfully acting as a POD provider on both sides of the Atlantic for a number of publishers.

NBNi Client Publishers who are interested in this service should contact their key account agent at NBNi. If you are not a client publisher and are interested in POD with Edwards Brothers, please contact Ken Rhodes as

Please see below for a link to the Edwards Brothers website.