Publisher Services

Publisher Services is staffed by key account agents who are responsible for acting as the day-to-day contact with our publisher clients. The role of the department is to act as the publishers' in-house advocate and primary contact for requests, questions, or queries. Working with teams across the business, the key account agent ensures that a proactive approach is taken to all aspects of the publishers’ business.


Close contact with the client publishers on this level ensures that the dedicated team of staff are able to influence company policy and affect changes through escalation to the management team. Familiarity with the publisher data through its maintenance and input also ensures that an intuitive approach can be taken with assisting publishers in their needs.


Attendance at book fairs and subscription to online news feeds, as well as close working relationships with the NBNi managers ensures a well-informed team of individuals that take a close interest in their publishers and the wider publishing industry.


New Publishers


New client publishers moving into NBNi are given a dedicated team-member to project manage the move, with the emphasis placed on information gathering and communication to enable a seamless transition. We provide full information about the various operational aspects of NBNi and questionnaires designed to extract as much information as possible. Publishers are assisted at every stage of the process and detailed project plans can be drawn up to address all aspects of the move. The process is a multi-disciplinary one with input from all of NBNi’s teams.


How to contact us

If you would like to discuss any aspect of your publishing business please email: and we will organise an introductory conversation