Warehouse / Distribution centre

NBNi’s warehouse comprises 55,000 square feet of warehouse space and is organised to provide maximum efficiency on all levels, from goods inwards, through bar-coded bin locations to picking and packing. We use multiple carriers to ensure that shipping services are economical and timely and work proactively with our suppliers to maintain high levels of satisfaction.

Additional Services
As well as the usual warehouse & distribution functions, we can also provide a variety of ancillary services such as:

  • Barcodes
  • Stickering
  • Shrink-wrapping
  • Re-jacketing
  • Insertion of errata / mailing slips
  • For publishers requiring secure pulping facilities, we can arrange certificates of destruction.
  • We can also arrange shipments to BTBS, BookAid & remainder merchants as necessary.
  • Stock takes can be arranged in advance with the warehouse with provision of sufficient notice.

Goods In
Our Goods in department is open for deliveries from 8.30 – 4.00 each day and all deliveries must be booked into NBNi at least 48 hours in advance.
Please follow this link for our delivery specifications.

We operate within the Industry Returns Initiative / Batch returns system, but are also able to accommodate the varying needs of our diverse client base through in-house IT developments. This means that although trade customers’ returns requests & routines can be automated, we can still follow publishers’ individual returns policies where the standard IRI policy does not suit their needs. All returns are credited at price invoiced, not via the IRI average weighted price mechanism. For customers not using Batch we are able to offer the same criteria, but credits are processed manually and may take longer.

For customers wishing to know more about IRI or Batch, please see links to the relevant websites on our links page.