ONIX Feeds

We currently offer incremental ONIX feeds, with details on the current stock and supply status of our titles.  We support versions 2.1 and 3.0 as well as reference and short tags.


If you would like to receive our ONIX feed please submit the request form below:

1 Company name Name of the company receiving the ONIX feed
2 Contact name This should be your technical contact.
3 Contact email This should be your technical contacts email address. We will use this when sending out information regarding any changes to our service.
4 Contact phone number

5 ONIX Version
It is recommended that you use version 3.0 although version 2.1 is supported.
6 Tag format
Reference is the full name for each XML tag. Short uses a set of codes such as x123 for each tag. This reduces the size of the files sent.
7 Include namespace We attach a namespace to the xml in order to validate it agains't the ONIX schema xsd files.
8 Zip files This will zip xml file(s) to reduce the size.
9 Seperate files If a record is very large it is sometimes a good idea to seperate the records out into multiple files. An initial full record list could be several megabytes in size. Please enter the number of products per file. Enter 0 to merge all records into a single file