Narrative, Emotion, and Insight

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Noël Carroll, John Gibson
Published 31 Jul 2011
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While narrative has been one of the liveliest and most productive areas of research in literary theory, discussions of the nature of emotional responses to art and of the cognitive value of art tend to concentrate almost exclusively on the problem of fiction: How can we emote over or learn from fictions? Narrative, Emotion, and Insight explores what would happen if aestheticians framed the matter differently, having narratives—rather than fictional characters and events—as the object of emotional and cognitive attention. The book thus opens up new possibilities for approaching questions about the ethical, educative, and cultural value of art. The nine essays in this volume introduce the study of narrative to contemporary aesthetics.




John Gibson

1 Life, Fiction, and Narrative

Peter Goldie

2 Telling Stories: Narration, Emotion, and Insight in Memento

Berys Gaut

3 Philosophical Insight, Emotion, and Popular Fiction: The Case of Sunset Boulevard

Noël Carroll

4 Thick Narratives

John Gibson

5 Narrative, Emotions, and Autonomy

Amy Mullin

6 Narrative Rehearsal, Expression, and Goethe’s “Wandrers Nachtlied II”

Richard Eldridge

7 Rubber Ring: Why Do We Listen to Sad Songs?

Aaron Smuts

8 Discovery Plots in Tragedy

Susan L. Feagin

9 Imagination, Fiction, and Documentary

Derek Matravers

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