Second Atlas of Breeding Birds in Pennsylvania

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Andrew M. Wilson, Daniel W. Brauning, Robert S. Mulvihill
Published 09 Nov 2012
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Twenty years after the first Atlas of Breeding Birds in Pennsylvania was published, the Second Atlas of Breeding Birds in Pennsylvania brings our knowledge of the state’s bird populations up to date, documenting current distribution and changes in status for nearly two hundred bird species. More than two thousand dedicated birdwatchers completed surveys of birds across the state from 2004 to 2009. The data amassed reveal the distribution of each species and show changes in distribution since the publication of the first Atlas. Additionally, a highly trained survey crew carried out bird counts at more than 34,000 locations statewide. These counts tabulated not just species but individual birds as well, in a manner that—for the very first time—enabled precise estimates of the actual statewide populations for more than half of the 190 breeding species detected. In all, more than 1.5 million sightings were compiled for the second Atlas, providing an unprecedented snapshot of the bird life of Pennsylvania—and perhaps of any comparably sized region in the world.

The introductory chapters to the second Atlas describe and discuss recent changes in climate and bird habitats within Pennsylvania. The data gathered and summarized for this volume were used by the more than forty contributing authors to write comprehensive and authoritative accounts of each species. These accounts are illustrated by stunning photographs, usually taken somewhere within the state. Up to three maps per species show in fine detail their current distribution based on the second Atlas, changes in distribution since the first Atlas, and, for more than one hundred species, their abundance in Pennsylvania.

“[A] definitive reference and rich source of information for anybody interested in the nesting birds of Pennsylvania.”

Pennsylvania Birds

“A must-have for those with an interest in the birds of Pennsylvania.”

—The Birdbooker Report, The Birdbooker Report




Regional Coordinators

Atlas Volunteers

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: The Geography of Pennsylvania

Andrew M. Wilson

Chapter 3: Habitats and Habitat Change

Andrew M. Wilson, Margaret Brittingham and Joe Bishop

Chapter 4: Atlas Methods

Daniel W. Brauning, Mike Lanzone, and Andrew M. Wilson

Chapter 5: Analytical Methods

Andrew M. Wilson

Chapter 6: Coverage and Results

Andrew M. Wilson and Daniel W. Brauning

Chapter 7: Contributions to Conservation

Douglas A. Gross, Sarah Sargent, and Catherine D. Haffner

Chapter 8: Interpreting Species Accounts

Chapter 9: Species Accounts

Appendix A. Former Nesting Species

Appendix B. Common and Scientific Names of Plants and Animals

Appendix C. Summary of Atlas Results by Physiographic Province and Section

Appendix D. Habitat Associations

Appendix E. Analytical Methods - Statistical Details

Appendix F. Summary of Breeding Season Data

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